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Fun class, Alyssa is very friendly and makes you feel very welcome.

Lauren Neates

Your enthusiasm is magic & I have no hesitation recommending your classes.

Sharon Collins

Friendly and fun workout!!

Rachel Kim Li Liong

The instructor always cheerful, very clear instruction and the class is awesome.

Jen Chai

So much fun. Does not matter if you can dance or not, the moves are basic and easy to follow. I will be back for another dance soon.

Cedella Sikalia

we had such a great time we want to bring more people.

Alicia Munchow

5 ’s love it. Super fun, you don’t even know you’re working out... the music is absolute bangers also!

Emily Friend

Super fun class held in a relaxed and accepting environment. Can’t wait to go back!

Shaz Stanton

Absolutely awesome! Alyssa’s energy is next level - you don’t even know you’re working out! So much fun.

Sherridan Podger

I joined The Jungle Body With Alyssa about a month ago and it’s been sooo great! Loving the vibe, the workout, the playlist. It is super fun and always leave the class feeling so refreshed! I look forward to my Tuesday class! Anyone that enjoys dancing and a good workout should join in!

Gabriela Roxana Beliti

Alyssa creates a positive, fun atmosphere. Great music and mix of cardio and muscle toning routines keeps it challenging. The workout feels like a party... until you wake up sore the next day. Thanks!

Kaitlin Scully

The class is fantastic! Alyssa is a little pocket rocket, I love her energy! She will leave you wanting to go back for more...

Olga Muccilli

Great and fun workout. Alyssa is friendly and energetic and explains the steps well.

Melissa Sjepcevich

Did the online class during this covid crisis! Have never tried a dance fitness class before but this was fun and was definitely soaking in sweat after! Alyssa's enthusiasm and energy came through even in video! She makes some of the the moves look easier than they actually are, she's also super encouraging (that you'll do better with practice!) and motivates you throughout the class!

Jena Lee

Her energy level keeps me hyped for the workout! The steps are also easy to follow. The pace is great. The music is fun, too! Extremely thankful that Alyssa has also brought her classes online in light of the Covid-19 situation so that more of us can stay healthy while staying indoors!

Chng Jing Hui Hannah

So thankful to Alyssa for taking her classes online during this time. Despite the session not being “live”, Alyssa still injects heaps of enthusiasm and energy to make for a fantastic class.

The moves were simple yet effective... I ended the class sore but exhilarated. There really is no excuse for not torching off those calories.

Jo Chow

I was recommended by a friend to go to Alyssa's class and loved every single minute of it. Alyssa is very friendly and full of energy. Her class was challenging and super Fun. I had a great time and a great workout last Thursday. And I cannot wait to go to her next class. Thanks Alyssa.

Talita Sartorio

A fun way to keep fit with a class of cool girls.

Jennifer Sinclair

Loved Alyssa’s class! You’re guaranteed a good workout and a laugh! Lots of fun, can’t wait for the next one.

Melissa Paterniti

Alyssa has so much energy, I don’t know how she does it! The class was so much fun and I’ll definitely be back.

Hollie Prowse

Alyssa is so much fun and full of energy. I really enjoy her classes. Great to have some time for myself to do exercise, dance and laugh!! Thanks Alyssa!

Raquel Zamora Martinez

Such an amazing workout with Alyssa! She is so full of energy and super motivational. The hour went by so much faster than I expected it to. I can’t recommend these classes enough.

Jess Nguyen

I attend the Tuesday night class and it’s a full on hour of cardio fun. The steps to each song are easy to remember and come with lower impact options, and work all parts of the body. The teacher is upbeat and lovely. Overall, I would say that this is definitely a workout, but a fun challenge in a good atmosphere.

Kayla Roberts

Alyssa is fantastic! Her energy is contagious and she smiles through the entire hour which makes you enjoy the session even more cos you can see how much joy she has in dance exercise. And for those people like me who feel a little uncoordinated and self conscious - the room is dimmed and you just focus on following Alyssa and the hour just flies by. I thoroughly recommend her classes. If you are unsure - just do one session to try it out. However, you will end up getting hooked! Also everyone in the class is really friendly so give it a go even if you can’t find a friend to come with you.

Leh Miin Tan

Really enjoyed Alyssa's class on Thursday. She was very welcoming and greeted us the first time we did her class. A great vibe and excellent instructor. Also love what Alyssa does in the community with her konga supporting special causes.

Steph Manuel

Always a fun class with Alyssa! Definitely something I look forwards to each week.

Allie Louise

Alyssa is such a great instructor! She is very friendly, enthusiastic, really knows how to combine the exercises + dance with the musics and has a lot of energy, it’s incredible! Her classes are very enjoyable and have a great vibe! I totally recommend it, even for those who never exercised before. Thank you so much Alyssa!

Barbara Lunardelli

I went to my personal class last Tuesday and really enjoyed the session. I was able to bring a friend, and it was just us in the room. Alyssa has such great energy and definitely gets you moving! I’ve been to her other classes, and must say, i really enjoy my Thursday evenings! Thanks so much for making class fun Alyssa! will be seeing you soon! xx

Ange Scott

Attended my first Jagua class with Alyssa on Sunday morning. Her classes have a great atmosphere with fun loving routines.

Brooke Walker

Alyssa is great Jungle Body coach full of energy that makes you want to do the class and keep going back. I thoroughly enjoyed doing her classes.

Cheryl Hall

Alyssa is the most cheerful instructor that I have ever met! Her way of combining exercise and dancing is very addictive. What I know is, this is the class that I will keep smiling, giggling, dancing and sweat at the same time!! And that’s how it should be done

Huda Budiman

Alyssa is an exceptional instructor, her classes are so much fun you dont feel like you are working out. Even if you have no coordination like me, give her class a go. You wont regret it.

Caitriona Forde

Jungle Body with Alyssa is such a great experience. You get to have fun and work out at the same time. Alyssa is very helpful and motivating. Definitely would recommend.

Stephanie Jones

What a great and fun workout! Loved the classes with Alyssa. Her class is full of energy and fun. She is an excellent instructor, lovely and amazing person. Would highly recommend her classes. Thank you Alyssa.

Lili Kazemi

Love your classes! And especially the new Jagua ones! The music is great, awesome selection, and I love that it’s loud.

Lauren Pileggi

Alyssa has such a great vibe and brings an awesome energy to the room! You can’t help but not get excited!! So much fun! The absolute best way to work out

Fern Martin

I went to my first class last Thursday and really enjoyed myself! Alyssa has such great energy up on stage and definitely gets you moving. I will be making it a regular thing to go.

Jasmyn Psaila

From my first class with Alyssa I was hooked! I've never felt more instantly comfortable in a class before, and she takes the time to personally know well beyond just instructing. Great, fun and energetic class - my newly weekly must!

Kaylie Fernandez

Went to the HIIT factory launch yesterday and did Alyssa’s JB class. Wow! This gal has the most amazing energy... so so so much fun. Do her classes. You won’t regret it!

Aye Sha

OMG - if you’re looking for a workout that feels like a party then head to this one... Alyssa is a ball of energy and she definately keeps you motivated... sooo much fun can’t wait till next class.

Kristie Harris

Went for a free trial and half way through the class I already knew it is way better and more fun than gym. I had an absolute blast, but I specifically liked Alyssa, so motivating and cheering, I felt awesome after class and know I am going back. absolutely recommend it. Good choice of music too.

Katrin Sands

I have just attended The Jungle Body with Alyssa and I loved it. Alyssa is really passionate with what she’s doing and her energy is contagious. Would highly recommend it to anyone who’s keen in dancing and fitness program.

Cris Delen

I absolutely loved this class! I would highly recommend for anyone to come along and give it a try! I know I’ll be there every Thursday shakin’ ma bootayyy.

Brianna White

I absolutely love Alyssa's classes. Her energy and passion for Jungle Body is infectious and she makes exercise fun!! Thoroughly recommend, even for those with two left uncoordinated feet!

Leah Heavens

Alyssa is fantastic and so friendly. I thoroughly enjoyed my first class. I love the family community feeling it gives. Its definitely a lot of fun and you get a great workout. The ladies in the class are also so lovely. So much happiness and energy in the room!!! I will be back!! Thank you Alyssa.

Eva Ienco

This class is amazing! It’s fun and energetic, and Alyssa makes so you feel so welcomed and comfortable.

Darrianne Bella

I usually struggle with motivating myself to do a very sweaty workout but this is soo much fun! The Konga class is one of the highlights of my week. Alyssa spreads an endless amount of positive energy. For me she‘s absolutely inspiring and she’s definitely one of the cutest women on the planet. If you want to sweat it off with a lot of fun and laughter, give it a try!

Julia Burr

Alyssa is full of energy and motivates us in her class with fun moves and great music. It's cardio without the drudge, jungle body is a lot of fun. I definitely recommend attending her class.

Debbie Wilson

Alyssa’s classes are always enjoyable as she is always choreographing new dance/ konga routines that are nice to dance to and challenging at the same time. She is always cheerful and friendly and takes time out to chat with all her clients to make them feel welcome. Come on by to try her class out, I’m sure you will enjoy it!

Sandra Rives

10/10 would recommend Alyssa’s Jungle Body classes. I was told about this class from a work friend, and I’m glad I went!! She makes exercising super fun and engaging. I took my mum and Aunty to come along and we all enjoyed it, we look forward to keep on going in the new year!

Tahlia Wilson

Absolutely love Alyssa's classes, high energy, lots of fun, all while getting an awesome full body workout!! Highly recommend!!

Carmen Bone

Such a fun class. Alyssa is so energetic and makes you feel comfortable in her class. Such a great work out.

Sarah Martin

I had my first class with Alyssa this week and it was absolutely wonderful. It was so fun and energetic, I can't wait to go back!

Nadia Scurria

As a long time RPM & Spin fanatic I had never attended any form of dance style fitness class before experiencing the Jungle Body with Alyssa. I am ashamed to admit that I was unsure if it was possible to work up the same kinda sweat without a spin bike or any equipment. This class is a serious WORKOUT!! Alyssa’s passion and energy spreads to everyone in the room and if u get the moves wrong it doesn’t even matter. Felt more connected to all the other women there than in any other type of class I’ve been in. Girl Power!!

The only thing I can think of that would make the class even better would be a couple of freestanding fans, the temperature definitely went up a few degrees

Carlie Roggio

Great energy great class.. Alyssa is so fun and she makes us all laugh while making us sweat away all our stress.

Wei Chean

I had a great time at Alyssa’s Jungle Body class. Dancing really isn’t my thing, I’m so uncoordinated, but Alyssa explained the moves really clearly at the start of each track which made it so easy to follow. The class was so much fun! I was laughing all the way. A great work out too! So many squats - my thighs were burning the next day.

Karen Aird

I love the jungle body and thursday nights class with Alyssa is no exception, she is a little pocket rocket up on stage, she is so welcoming, friendly and she keeps you going the whole class, 5 out of 5.

Charlotte Vincent

I have tried Jungle Body with Alyssa and now I don't want anything else! Since a young age, I love dancing & exercising and Jungle Body is the fusion of both. It's a awesome feeling moving your body to the different beats of the music, in a cool environment created by disco lights, while putting all the muscles working for a full body workout!

Alyssa is fabulous, she has a beautiful smile that spreads all good vibes & energy to everyone! All the girls are fantastic, the environment is very positive & funny and we are always pushing each other's to give 150%, so we can build our summer body together.

If you are looking to have an awesome workout & have fun, please join Jungle Body with Alyssa.

Alexandra Henriques

Great workout, high energy. Alyssa keeps you motivated with her enthusiasm. 5 stars.

Liz Kress

What a fun workout! Loved your class Alyssa. If only I could move like you Lol I can feel the burn already in my legs from tonight. Can’t wait to be nice & toned!!!

Ashy Morrell

Fabulous class with Alyssa, high energy and so fun and enjoyable. Loved it. Thank you.

Esther Rainbow

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