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2019 Best Class in Perth - HealthyGirl HQ
2019 Choreography Contest Joint Winner - The Jungle Body
2018 Level Up Challenge 1st Runner-Up - The Jungle Body

Alyssa's mission is to deliver a fun, engaging dance fitness EXPERIENCE in her classes, in a supportive environment, to build a community that gets much more out of class than a mere workout.  

Laughs, encouragement, the mood boost, the electric energy, the push to challenge yourself while being able to take it to your own level, & the silly descriptions she makes up to remember her moves - these are all part & parcel of a class with Alyssa.

She has won multiple contests since becoming an instructor in March 2018 & has led The Jungle Body® tribe in performances & events such as the HBF Run.

Alyssa is qualified in 5 The Jungle Body® programs - KONGA, TYGA, VYPA, JAGUA & BURN - & holds a Certificate III in Fitness.

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